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Customized products

Our company, beyond our catalogue’s products, is ready to realise even customized products, studying with You the best solution and materialize Your ideas.
It is possible to print the logo of Your company on our products, or modify its size and structure, creating a fully customized product for Your company. Our customized products are perfect to advertise: companies, events and fairs. Thanks to their competitive prices, they can be used as promotional merchandise.

We have collaborated and still collaborate with the following companies:
  • F. C. Internazionale Inter, Milano

  • Deutsche Bahn AG, Italia

  • Federazione Cisl, medici Trento

  • Autostrada del Brennero

  • Markas srl, Bolzano

  • Loacker Remedia, Egna (BZ)

  • Hotel Erica, Tesero (TN)

  • Hotel Ladin, Pozza di Fassa (TN)

  • Studio dentistico Paglierani, Lavis (TN)

  • Invernizzi spa, Roma

  • Natuaessenza, Bologna

  • Martino sas, Folgaria (TN)

  • Fam. Cooperativa Val di Fassa, Pozza di Fassa (TN)

  • Farmacia dr. Rigoni, Moena (TN)

  • La Cooperativa di Cortina

  • Apt Fiemme-Cavalese

Estimate Conditions

You can ask a free of charge estimate by filling the following form. We suggest you to indicate the following information, to allow us to give you an efficient answer:

- If you want to customize an existent product or realise a new one;
- Quantity;
- Dimension of the product;
- Colours, design or logo;
- Product filling;
- Shipping terms.

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