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Spirit of Dolomites

Let us pamper you with the beneficial aroma of the nature... try the pleasure of feeling good with yourself and with the others!


The experience handed down from generations mixed with the love for the nature and the predilection for authentic materials: with this way of thinking our company, family run, combines traditions and modernity for making our profession a real and sincere passion.

Our intent is to give importance to the nature, its plants and its officinal herbs for creating a line of Italian products designed for the body and mind wellness. In this époque signed by the globalization, deciding on a natural product made in Italy, means to respect the environment and empowering the purpose.
The line Spirit of Dolomites wants to value the environment and the local resources to obtain natural products of high quality that are able to satisfy the demand of our customer.


Our products are realized with well-chosen and unique materials, in harmony with the nature. The Swiss Pine wood comes from the rocky wilderness of Fiemme Valley, in the heart of the Dolomite Mountains. The lavender, the hay and the other officinal herbs are gathered near from our Maso,

at the feet of the Lagorai Mountains. The pillowcase are made by pure cotton, and the filling is creating by the mixed of pine wood shavings with other materials such as pure lamb wood, goose down, cotton lap or millet chaff. This line is studied for taking advantage of the therapeutic and relaxing properties of the herbs and essence that have been used, relieving the body and the soul.


The Swiss Pine (Pinus Cembra) is known for its aromatic resins, balsamic and relaxing. Its healing properties have been recognized and used for centuries in the Alps. The experts of the University of Health, Disease prevention and Technology of Weiz, in Austria, have analyzed this ancient knowledge, proving the positive effects of the Swiss Pine. Its essential oils and resins can lower and stabilize the heartbeat during the sleep. This can help to sleep better, making the organism feel active and dynamic for the rest of the day. This kind of wood, besides, has antibacterial properties, keeping away mites and other parasites. For more information: www.humanresearch.at

Info: www.humanresearch.at


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